Dragon Ball Fighting 1.9 Hacked
Tags: Dragon Ball  2 Players  Kung Fu  Hacked  Fighting  Action 
Cheats: Dragon Ball Fighting 1
Description: Dragon Ball Fighting 1.9 Hacked information: the characters have perpetual life. In Dragon Ball Fighting 1.9 more characters and levels are added. Special characters can fly. Let's start fighting in this flying Kung Fu Assembly to win the championship! . - myhackedgames.com.
Control: Player 1: AD = move, J = attack, K = jump, L = reserve strength, UIO = skill. 
Combination: AA/DD = spurt, S+A+J = Qigong, DD+J/AA+J = spurt Qigong. 
Player 2: ??? = move, 1 = attack, 2 = jump, 3 = reserve strength, 456 = skill. Combination: ??/?? = spurt, ??+1 = Qigong, ??+1/??+1 = spurt Qigong.
Plays: 95,305

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