Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked
Tags: War  Strategy  Hacked  War  Defense 
Cheats: unlimited money , game file is large(58.5M)
Description: Imperial Assault Frontline invincible version , invincible version 77 skill points , money rose, start to full combat power ! In numerous players anxiously waiting , looking forward , looking earnestly stick to their positions side by side with God is called tower defense war strategy textbooks for Imperial Assault Frontline finally turned out , the whole truth restore mobile client version , beautifully Flash version not only improves the picture can be ornamental , as well as greater operability. As can be seen from the name , the Imperial Imperial raid raid front did not last generation version, but opened a new edition , this means not only from the background story , tower defense unit and the Monster Manual is a new game , its essence to its dregs, frontline generation version of the four basic lessons tower ( change it, turrets, towers and barracks magic ) setting , upgrades can be varied over more than 20 kinds of towers , more new eight kinds of special tower. The new map brings a new enemy, desert , tribal communities , nomadic areas , coastal stations and underground Lost City has different enemies ( evil spirits , giants , witches , god of the desert , etc. ) as well as the powerful Boss, 9 brand new heroes will also ride the battlefield with soldiers hacked ! Epic War broke out, whether the task of guarding the Imperial successful completion ? Newspaper brass , morale Zhen , Shan tear Universe fibrillation, strikes , bloody rebirth , God of War glory will guard your front row !. -
Control: The key point the mouse to click on the map to select the type of construction of the turret turret (available for sale), ready when you are ready click on the lower right corner to start fighting skeletons. Click the icon to the left of the monster monster can view the properties, click on the icon lets skull road early the next wave of enemies come, click on the lower left corner of the icon can be lit using the skills attack the enemy (a key to use meteor attack, two keys to summon reinforcements) , 3 to select a hero, the spacebar to deselect, P to pause.
Plays: 318,195

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