Epic War 5 Hacked
Tags: War  Defend  Defense  Strategy  Epic War 
Cheats: Epic War 5 unlocked, unlimited blood, unlimited magic, unlimited power
Description: Epic War 5 unlocked, unlimited blood, unlimited magic, unlimited power. It is your mission to conquel the world in this action adventure game sequel. First, you must choose your hero, but choose wisely, for each has their own special abilities! Use your weapons and magic powers to defeat all of your enemies, but be sure to play strategically, a full on charge can get you killed quickly depending on which army you are fighting against. If youre new to the series, choose Queen Etherica as your hero. Her unique ability is her regeneration powers. Be sure to use it when you need to! . - myhackedgames.com.
Control: Use YOUR MOUSE to navigate the area and select your units. Use the C KEY to select all units except your hero. Use the V KEY to select all units including your hero. Use the ESC KEY to deselect. Use the X KEY to charge ahead and the Z KEY to fall back. Use the N KEY to make selected units charge and the B KEY to make selected units retreat. Good luck and have fun! If you havent already..
Plays: 48,732

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