Crazy Flasher 3 Hacked
Cheats: Play hack Crazy Flasher game online
Description: Play hack Crazy Flasher game online. 5,000,000 hacked cash Crazy Flasher game. Ripped gunmen are no match for your ripped guns. Run out of cash and you can fight no more, but beat them down and get rich before that happens. Pre hack Money game online.. -
Control: W/A/S/D - To move.B - Attack / Pick up.N - Jump.M - Special.Space - Choose weapon.Running Punch - A,A (or D,D) to run then B Flying Kick - A,A (or D,D) to run then N,BAlternate Flying Kick - A,A,D,D,N,B or D,D,A,A,B,B..
Plays: 3,101

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